Your conduct online can follow you around for the rest of your life. Your digital footprint is like a snail trail. If you or a friend are participating in the following activities and are not sure what to do then please hit the 'make a report' button so that we can help you:
  • Illegal downloading (e.g. games, songs, videos etc.)
  • Terrorism
  • Creating or uploading inappropriate material
  • Providing misleading information or advice. 
  • Cyber bulling 
Cyber bullying

Remember, anyone can be a bully and anyone can be bullied online. It can happen at home, in school, in the community and even at work. Online bullying can make you feel lonely, frightened and upset, especially if you don't know who is cyber bulling you, but we can help and we can stop it together. 

No-one has the right to attack you with horrible words, make you scared or make your life a misery. Nobody deserves to be bullied and by working together we can stop people from suffering. You can report a cyber bullying incident on behalf of a friend or for yourself. 

Remember that a good digital citizen RESPECTS themselves and others and STANDS UP to cyber bullying. 

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